Anthony Bill Trucking

Anthony Bill Trucking

Last Update: 10 October 2020

Yup, we are getting an upgrade to our website.
And I get to add my comments to anything I want.
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That sure is a nice looking truck

We are looking for a few good drivers who want to be part of our team.



Anthony Bill Trucking

1549 Rampart Ave.

Charles City, Iowa 50616


Hey, what do you know.
I live here also.
Click me and see my page
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I think the best way to view our website is with a computer or tablet.
And then you can see MY page better.
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Truck and Trailer

4th of July, 2020. Truck 91 Parade Ready

Congrats to Tony, the driver.  That's a sharp looking Rig!

Trk91 Parade1
Trk91 Parade2
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WOW!!! That thing looks GREAT!!!
I think the only way to make that better, is if I was sitting in the seat when the picture was taken.
Hey Tony.....T O N Y ! No, not you Tony the driver, Tony the owner.
Psst.....Lets keep this guy around for awhile.  I really like how he takes care of our trucks.
Tony H. with Truck 91
Showing off at a
monster tuck rally
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Huff!! I think our truck is
the best looking
WOW ! !
Our trucks clean up
just........Awesome ;)
Sweet ride, good job
Tony H.
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A step helper for Tony's dad.  He loves to drive, but has trouble getting in and out.

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I like it, simple, yet does the job. 
I know Grandpa will really like this step helper.