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Look at them trucks roll.
In business since 1992.
Our Iowa Terminal offers:
   - Lounge with TV
   - Free WiFi
   - kitchenette
   - Shower
   - Laundry
   - Full Service Maintenance
   - Training & Orientation
   - Dispatch
  and you get to see Shaggy
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In case you didn't know.  Anytime you want to know more about me, just click on .........  Me.
pssst.....I have lots of pictures on my webpage.

Our Trucks

2018 Freightliner Cascadia:
  - Automatic transmission

  - Adaptive cruise control

  - Lane departure

  - Hill start aid
  - Truck speed set at 65 MPH
  - ParkSmart heating/cooling

  - Sleeper lounge
  - 1500 watt inverters
  - XM-ready/Bluetooth radio

  - ELD Zonar

no-touch freight

53' Dry Van trailers

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I was told our trucks are set to 65 mph because that  is the safest and most fuel efficient speed.  Pam also said that our drivers are paid by the hour.
Less talking and more petting. 
I hope you come by and say Hi.
WOW!  Look at all the places we go.
. did a funny.  There is no such word as Thirdary.  That looks like something I would try to get away with.
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Accredited Since:4/26/2010
BBB rating
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Even back then we had
Nice lookin trucks
A very fine looking gentleman......HUFF ! Huff !!
Grandpa Clark
Old Time Trucker
And now for the Pizza Resistance, I would like to intro duct upon thee
           My Family
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Shaggy says 1.jpg
Huff...bark..Barkity..BARK !!!
Don't mind me, I'm just trying to chase that fuzzy catterpillar looking thingy away from Tony's upper lip.
Our Drivers
Truck 91
Hey......YOU!!!!  GOAT!!!
Get out of our truck!
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Oh, you are Tony's pet?
uhm...........NO Comment!!!
Huff, huff
Nice looking truck Tony
Still working on the other drivers